A Little About Us and our Clinic

Introducing Douglas Mizzi Clinical Nutritionist

My name is Douglas Mizzi and I run a very successful practice as a Professional Nutritionist specializing in helping to identify and manage food sensitivities & intolerances  as well as  environmental triggers and their associated health conditions. I am a currant member of the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) and conduct many testing under referral from many Melbourne and Queensland Medical Doctors and associated healthcare workers.

Since 1990 when I started my Practice in Melbourne, Australia, I have personally conducted 1000's of patient consultations, for a wide variety of hypersensitive reactive symptoms such as  Hayfever, Sinus, Rashes, Hives, Psoriasis, Joint Pain, IBS, Candida, A.D.D. etc, in addition to  helping clients better improve their health through specific dietary managment with those suffering  conditions and syndromes such as M.S., Lupus, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsey etc. improvements in health can be significant once a better diet and nutritional intake can be identified and implemented.

The clinics that I conduct testing from and which I have set up practice at,  have risen from strength to strength over the past years as a result of diligent assessment and customized dietary management programs specifically suited to the patients requirements. We customize dietary programs to suit clients, we do not change clients to suit dietary programs. This point is fundamental to our success as so many food plans are set up out there to suit the general public, the trouble is that the general public varies so greatly in their requirements no single static set of rules will suit everyone.


So What is involved ??

Working with sensitivities, intolerances and food related conditions is a hard thing to do, every one is so different, we all have such different lives and combinations that following anything that is written in a book can only be a compromise at best, this unfortunately for some is all that they have access to and so is better than doing nothing at all, but do they really have it right or is it just another experiment on the road to recovery. Visiting a professional who has a great understanding of many things and is able to work at several levels at once to effect a recovery saves you so much lost time and productivity.

The process of assessment is quite simple and falls into several defined catagories.

  • Patient History - Download form
  • Assessment of potential food intolerances and sensitivities.
  • Effecting a recovery program and conclusion based on our findings.
  • Re-evaluation and monitoring until effective recovery and symptom elimination is seen.


Patients History

A detailed Patient History is taken from a chart, this gives us most of the information to know where we need to conduct our testing and is fundamental to a smooth and efficient consultation. Every investigative medical doctor and  healthcare provider works with forms and charts such as these to try and understand the life history of the conditions. Click here


Testing Procedure

Using a computerised testing facility against a digital database, vairiances in skin resistance can be measured  across specialised points on your hand. This skin resistence can change  if your body shows some reactivity against a potential trigger, which is then tabulated on a printed chart at the end of the assessment so that you can see easily what to avoid. Safe and no needles or blood taken and suitable for all ages.


Recovery Programs

Recovery Programs are all all based on our findings, combined with experience in the field in treating such conditions. These would include lifestyle changes and avoidance of  food sensitivities and intolerance's in addition to a suitable recovery protocol. Everything from here on is customized to the clients specific requirements.


Re-Evaluation and Monitoring

We tell our patients that we have worked a lifetime in this field, understanding the relationship between foods, intolerance triggers and reactions, that's what we do, The patients job is not to develop that type of experience but to learn what is applicable to them and only them, in order that you develop a full understanding of your condition and be able to effectively be in charge of your own health without relying on the crutch of a practitioners experience, we encourage for more complicated cases a monitoring process where we will re evaluate your ongoing progress for a few months to ensure that you are doing the right thing and have a proper grasp and understanding of your condition. We call this team work where we will navigate and you the patient drives, taking instructions carefully where unforeseen or difficult issues arise that may throw your recovery off course if not attended to quickly. This normally only lasts for 3-4 months by which time you have enough confidence  to look forward to issues that may affect your condition.


Click here
to read some of the studies performed on this system for sensitivity and intolerance assessment .