Dedicated To Land Based Shark Fishing

G,day my name is Douglas  from Queensland, Australia and welcome to my HOMEPAGE on shark fishing from the shore.

This site was set up to show other interested fisho's that you can catch big sharks without a big boat. All you need is the know how and a some time to try it out.

I started fishing in 1990/1991 after reading a small book called "Fishing the Sapphire Coast" where it featured a wharf by the name of "Tathra Wharf" as can be seen here. My first ever shark was a 13 foot black whaler caught in December 1991 - everything else is history and I was HOOKED.

I now live just north of brisbane some 2000km north of Melbourne where it all started and am getting back into the scene after 5-6 years of being a little low-key on shark fishing.

There is a healthy river population of big bull sharks here and although the government does not allow us to take any shark over 1.5metres, we can catch, tag and release any size shark without a problem, which incidently is what we have been doing in the last few years anyway.

We hope you enjoy the site. You know we were the first site on land based shark fishing to be put up on the internet, back in 1996, back in the day. We hope you still find us the BEST.

Regards, good fishing and as my old mate Gazza always said...
                                 "You Never Know Your Luck In a Big Sea"