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Legal - Please read this before riding your electric skateboard

Your Electric Skateboard is NOT a TOY. It is a precision piece of sporting / transport  / electrical equipment and should be treated with respect and care .

Although traditional Skateboarding is a popular recreational activity amongst many ages, as with most sports there are certain risks and dangers involved, electric skateboarding is therfore no different. The laws in your country and state may vary by local council and road authorities. It is therfore advised that you consult you local transport authority on the rules and regulations regarding the riding of these.

YOU MUST WEAR A HELMET and protection gear such as elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, long  pants, long sleeve shirt and suitable non slip footwear AT ALL TIMES!  Even though you may wear all the correct gear, injury may still occur, the severity however may be reduced if you have
worn correct protective gear, but no one can guarantee if your injuries will be minor or significant. Protection may reduce this. Falling may be inevitable if you skate long enough - so wear you protective gear. Also, learning how to fall correctly may also help reduce the chances of significant injury.

Our Boards are rated to take a maxiumum weight, PLEASE OBSERVE THESE LIMITS. You must not ride with any body else on any of our electric boards. This WILL cause Motor failures due to overloading are not covered by the warranty.

The Board is not like a traditional skateboard, it should not be used for tricks, jumps, ramps, grinds, rough handling and prolonged steep hills. It is designed for use on relatively flat surfaces. Failure to comply may damage the board and / or its electronics and void your warranty. Only ride on dry, hard surfaces - YES AVOID the RAIN.

CAUTION! OUR REMOTE CONTROL HAS A VERY SENSITIVE TIGGER, SO ACCELERATE SLOWLY AND SMOOTHLY! Your wireless hand controller is equipped with a 3-position speed switch, slow/med/fast which is located in the handle of your remote control next to the batteries. Start with the switch in the SLOW POSITION. When you want to accelerate, stand with most of your weight forward on the board then GENTLY pull the trigger SLOWLY & SMOOTHLY. To brake, shift your weight just slightly to the back and push the trigger forward SLOWLY & SMOOTHLY. When you feel that you have reached a competent and confident level you may increase the switch position to medium and then high. Remember to adjust the speed down again for new 1st time electric skateboarders.

Unlike traditional skateboards YOU cannot increase the turning radium by loosening these trucks, . Adjusting your trucks in this manner will damage either the bushing or the truck and it will void your truck’s warranty.

With shipping and normal use vibration may occurthat may loosen nut and bolt fittings. Please make sure all hardware fittings are snug before each use and check them regularly – fittings should be snug, but DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN or you can strip out the threads!

KEEP YOUR BATTERY WELL MAINTAINED AND CHARGED. It is important to maintain your battery by keeping it fully charged when not in use to prolong battery life. Your charger is designed to automatically stop charging when the batteries are fully charged, so it’s ok to leave your boards battery plugged in all the time if you’re riding it regularly. Like all batteries they will last longer if you do NOT discharge them completely. Even though we use high quality DEEP CYCLE SLA batteries and high quality LifePO4 batteries - complete discharge is never recommended. Be sure to charge your board regularily at least  monthly or the batteries will slowly discharge. Also, make sure to change out the batteries on the wireless remote as soon as they start to fade (indicated by multiple beeps when switching on).

COMMON SENSE. Above all use common sense, 9 times out of 10 this will avoid most compromising and dangerous situations. Only ride within your limits, if you think you are going too fast -  you probably are. These are not toys and may accelerate quickly and constantly until you reach you your maximum speed. Do not allow children to ride in an unsupervised manner, and never near a road or in any place where they may endanger themselves or others.

BE COURTEOUS. Always slow down when approaching or overtaking pedestrians, always make eye contact so they know where you are going, and you know where they are going. Always say "thankyou" when passing and be polite as you approach. Accelerate slowly and brake appropriately when approaching pedestrians - especially children.

DISTANCE TRAVELLED. Learn your skateboards total distance, instead of working on KM's travelled, try using time as you indicator, For instance a 10AH battery will get 35 minutes HARD use, 45 Minutes moderate flat, speedy use and a leisurely 50+ minutes at half trigger. This way you wont get caught out. We will not guarantee or imply any distance or time travelled as variables are many and too complicated to replicate every time. Dont Travel too far from you home, car or starting location until you are comfortable with your average expected time and distance.

LIABILITY. Neither fusionskate or any of it suppliers will be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by any product sold or suggested from this website or any associated website. By purchasing any product from this website directly or indirectly all responsibilty will be held by the person riding the electric skateboard or the supervising adult in charge of riding the skateboard. You should not buy any product unless you agree to these terms. Absolutely all responsibilty will be held by the person riding the skateboard. If you purchase a product, we assume absolutely that you have read these terms and agree to them.