Next Demo Day

Saturday 2nd October 2010
Changed from Sunday 26th Septmeber
Alex Headland Skate Park
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Call to Reserve demo time
Doug 0433 121 736

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Fusion Skate Demo Days

Demo days are a great way to try the boards out for free. We try to have them when we can, we recently had a super successful huge demo day at Alexandra Headland in August 2010,with most people trying out a board seeing what they liked etc. Some of you guys purchased some boards that week and I KNOW you have been having some great fun on them since.

If you are seroius about getting a board, you really need to add this to your calander as a "get to event", With heaps of information available to you at the time from myself Doug and Daniel and Matthew the boys from Fiik Skateboards.

Look out for our Fiik Tent and come and say hello, or if you prefer, tell us in advance that you are coming and book a slot so that we can spend the time with you. Newcomers and of course experienced skaters welcome.

When seeing us at Alex Headland, you can scoot around the park there and of couse zip around off road on the grass, maybe even try a powerslide !!!! - Its all happening with us at Fusionskate, where we pride ourselves on personal customer demos, knowledge and exceptional service.

To book a time at our next event.
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