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Electric Skateboards
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Customised Fiik Electric Skateboards


Customising your board not only adds personality, but also functionality above and beyond what is already a fantastic product to start with. Two boards that really lend themselves to be customised are the off road skaties - the Big Daddy and Street Surfer, although all boards do well with a little fore thought.

Some of the things which we have done are

  • Added blue and red LED lighting under the board
  • Added LED Valve cap lights that come on automatically at night and shine Blue, Red or Multi coloured
  • Front and Rear nose and tail protection
  • Coming soon - some bolt on wheelie wheels like on a drag racer to stop the board flipping when we do wheelie tricks - Need some more thought with this one though !!

So if you have any ideas let us know and send your custom decks into us so that we can feature them here.