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If you have professional house plans please scan and email them through, if you are going to draw your plan by hand, please draw with Black Ink on A4 (Legal) size paper in landscape format.

Photo's of your house are optional, a simple photo of the front, including any front garden and a picture of the back, including any back garden would be fine.

Please mark items like beds, chairs and who sleeps and sits in them. Also mark clearly staircases and of course room description.

Disclaimer :- For legal reasons please note the following:  Vivian has had many sucessful cases, dowsing for and helping correct subtle house energies, which may have a negative effect on the people living there. Many of her clients have experienced calm, peace and serenity after the dowsing and treatment, some clients may have not noticed anything initially, only to comment at a later date that they feel improvements.

Vivian makes no claim regarding house dowsing and only offers this service to those who are familiar with this form of healing.

Last Updated  1st July 2010.