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Dearest Vivian,  I want to express my gratitude for all the healing you have provided to my family.  Your Homoeopathic treatments or I could easily say "miracle treatments" have relieved my Mother of aggressive hot flushes, assisted my emotional well-being during a period of intense grief and protected my 3 year old daughter from the common cold/flu during the past 8 months.

Thank-you Vivian once again.  With your support, I look forward to a future of great health and balance in my life.



Dear Vivian

Many thanks for your ongoing help and healing.

In the two years that I have been coming to you, I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my general health and well being.

When I first came to you I had severe symptoms from a stomach disorder I had had since October 2006 when I visited China and needed to take several doses of antibiotics for a stomach bug I had picked up.  This left me unable to take alcohol, rich food, sweets, spicy food and dairy foods.  Since your homoeopathic treatment to strengthen my immune system, I am now able to tolerate all foods in moderation.  I am confident that my food tolerance will continue to improve.  I no longer have the symptoms of nausea, diarrhoea, ongoing headaches and an inability to think clearly.  I feel much more alert and I tire less easily.

Your diagnosis and treatment has been able to accurately identify and address the symptoms I have experienced.

I very much appreciate your intervention and will continue to make the regular trip to Maroochydore from Brisbane for treatment.

With gratitude.

Robin Harvey



Hi Vivian

I have published your link on my facebook page !!

"I am truly grateful to Vivian for her positive healing abilities for both myself and my 2 sons, the results are amazing.  She is an absolute gem !"

Helena, Scarborough, QLD



Hi Vivian,
Thank you.
Just want to keep you updated on Teia. She has settled down nicely now. You weren’t wrong when you said she would be emotional, and it wouldn’t be easy. She seems a lot more content and she actually wants to spend a lot more time with Daddy which is nice. You didn’t happen to have a hand in that did you?
She is sleeping a lot better and not so anxious. I feel we will have to come again for a booster, but I do believe the worst is behind us.
Thank you so much, you do a great job.
Will be in touch to book in with you again for Teia and myself.
Thank you,
K. S.
Kawana Waters



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